#OptOutside on Black Friday

Black Friday brings out the camper in all of us. But rather than camping outside your favorite retail store, why not camp in your favorite park?

For the second year in a row, Seattle-based outdoor co-op REI will close its doors for Black Friday and give its employees paid time off to #OptOutside. More than 540 other retailers chose to partner with REI and encourage America to stand outside rather than stand in line.


How To: #OptOutside in Ohio

You can join me and the 4 million people who pledged to #OptOutside this Friday. Be sure to share your experiences on social media and check out REI’s filters like the one I made below. Here are just 4 outdoor activities you can do in Northeast Ohio:

1.Go for a Morning Run

If you ate a little too much stuffing and mashed potatoes, consider a morning run to melt off Thanksgiving’s extra calories. Medina’s Buckeye Woods Park is my family’s favorite and great for some post-holiday dinner exercise. You can choose from five different trails, making the park perfect for any occasion. Run the yellow or green trail in the Schleman Nature Preserve for a quiet, woodsy experience or take the paved Chippewa Inlet Trail for a more open and urban feel.

This Black Friday I'll be outside2. Break out the Bike

Not into running? Me neither. I’d much rather be on a bike. The Towpath Trail offers 85 miles of bike-able terrain and follows the historic Ohio & Erie Canalway. You can pick up one of 50 trailheads anywhere between Cleveland and Dover. My family and I biked from Indigo Lake to Boston Store back in October.

3. Ice Skate Downtown

Feeling festive? Cleveland and Akron’s outdoor skating rinks are now open! Bring your family to Cleveland’s Public Square or Lock 3 in Akron for an afternoon of skating and other Christmas activities.

4. Visit Northeast Ohio’s Waterfalls

Ohio is home to many beautiful waterfalls, and a whopping 16 falls are here in Northeast Ohio! Make it a day trip and visit them all or choose just one to admire for the afternoon. Check out this interactive Google map of the waterfalls in our area:

So what do you say? Will you go out with me?


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