New Year, New You: Yoga Edition

So I’m not much of the new year resolutions type, but this year, I had an itch to rekindle an old habit: yoga. I was introduced to yoga when I registered for an “easy elective” yoga course my sophomore year of college. My class met just once a week for a little more than an hour, but that minimal time commitment brought lasting benefits like learning to focus on what really matters in life and destressing from my busy college schedule. Not to mention, I could finally touch my toes for the first time in years!

I decided to return to the practice this year and enrolled in a free, 31 Days of Yoga bootcamp from Yoga with Adriene. Let’s be real though- I’m just 7 days in and it’s totally kicking my butt. Yet, this core burning, sweat inducing yoga routine is so worth it. Here’s why.

Haley does a yoga pose
Why I Yoga
It improves my posture, strength, balance, flexibility and more

As I said before, yoga gave me amazing flexibility (I’m already inching closer to a no-bent-knees forward fold!). In addition to increased flexibility, yoga also creates strong core muscles, promotes better posture and improves your balance. I always go back to yoga because it makes me feel (and look) great.

I feel connected to God

Yoga is about connecting the mind, body and spirit, which makes it deeper and more spiritual than your average workout. Yoga encourages self-reflection and being present, and I love to use those principles to guide my thoughts during the practice. By engaging my mind, body and spirit, I feel close to the Holy Spirit and grow in my understanding of God, his character and his plan for my life.

I feel refreshed

I really feel fantastic after a yoga practice, no matter how intense or calm it was. Because of yoga’s peaks and valleys structure, I always end feeling refreshed and relaxed, more limber and loose both physically and mentally than when I started.

It’s free, easy and versatile

Yoga has to be one of the most low maintenance exercises out there. Ultimately, all you really need for a successful yoga practice is yourself. Of course, a mat and yoga instructor are important components but not so much necessary, especially if you’re an experienced yogi. But for those of us who aren’t totally comfortable going solo, there are some great online resources out there like Yoga with Adriene. On her YouTube channel you’ll find practices for every need, all for free! Because yoga is so minimalistic, it’s perfect to do at home, on vacation, at a park… really anywhere your heart desires.

Haley's cat near her yoga mat

And the final reason why I yoga? Cats. My cats love the texture of the mat and usually stop by to walk across it and rub against my legs. Ebony, the one pictured above, is a regular visitor.


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