I’m just an Ohio girl who loves to play outside.

Haley smiles at Towner's Woods


I have to admit, I’ve been on some pretty great adventures in my college years: I saw Snoqualmie Falls in Washington, boogie boarded at Topsail Island in North Carolina, camped in Yosemite, hiked an 1,100 elevation mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park…the list goes on. Still, my favorite trips weren’t hundreds of miles or hundreds of dollars later, instead they were right here in good old Ohio.

There’s something special about experiencing the great outdoors in your home state. My Ohio adventures taught me to appreciate the God-given gifts I have here and live in the present rather than hope for something that’s far away and often times unattainable. I feel more connected to my home when I choose to Venture Local.


Haley looks to the right with the sun and a lake behind her.


Venture Local encourages you to experience the thrill of adventure and peace of serenity wherever you’re from. Here you’ll find everything you need to enjoy Northeast Ohio’s wide range of outdoor recreation. So get reading, and get out there.


Haley stands in the woods, gazing at the large lake in front of her.